Gnome in the Home

In mid 2021, we began preparing for Christmas and started making our regular sized Santa and elf gnomes. Just for fun, we challenged ourselves to see how small we could make them and after re-working our patterns a few times and creating prototypes along the way, we created a mini Santa and elf gnome, each standing around 10cm high. Oh my goodness……..they were so cute!!

But why stop at 2? We created a mini gingerbread gnome and then decided we had to include a mini snowman. This would cover all things Christmas. The snowman was going to be a bit more of a challenge so we created a pattern for his hat, made more prototypes and then our collection was complete.

These 4 mini Christmas gnomes were adorable so we began brainstorming how we could incorporate them into something unique and fun for children and families. So we created a pack which includes:

  • Mini gnome (your choice of elf, gingerbread, Santa or snowman)
  • Poem about the gnome and what he does during December
  • Gnome adoption certificate
  • Gnome report to encourage positive behaviour
  • List of activities the whole family can complete during December
  • 2 easy recipes the kids can do

And so, Gnome In The Home™ was born.

Gnome In The Home™ is a trademarked logo and concept and as such reproduction, modification, redistribution, redesigning or copying any component is strictly prohibited, as is claiming the design and concept as your own.